Share our passion for linen

Linen has an important role in Lithuanian folklore and customs, therefore in Linen Tales we want to share our love for the tradition of linen with the entire world. Our refined products and their unbeatable quality are the result of top-notch production processes accomplished after years of experience working with the finest linen fabrics...

Why Us?

Our deep commitment with quality and sustainability are the motors that drive our work in Linen Tales. Rest assure that despite our wide catalog of products, every single one of them is carefully handcrafted with the finest linen fabrics and the expertise of more than two decades of experience working in this industry.

We are proud of the efforts made to provide our customers with great products and services, and we work just as hard to ensure our business partners are getting a good business model, one that fits their needs.

We promise the same to you!

Share our passion for linen

Linen Tales Products

From first-class dyeing technics for our fabrics to a meticulous softening process, In Linen Tales we want to ensure that the quality of our products is optimal. Therefore, we make important efforts to carry out an impeccable handcrafted process.

We focus in every small detail to make our products something refined that will blend perfectly in your modern home decor.

Share our passion for linen

Our Goal

We want to become a reference for modern home decor, as the time passes we feel more and more confident about the wide possibilities for linen in a contemporary lifestyle. From delicate and luxurious bedclothes, to beautiful and colorful kitchen and table garments. We want to bring a gleam of style and beauty to your daily routine.

Share our passion for linen

Our Compromise

Even though sharing our passion for linen with the world is one of our main goals. In Linen Tales, to take good care of the environment and our community is equally important.

From keeping our raw material output, manufacturing facilities, warehouse and headquarters in a radius lesser than 100 km to reduce CO2 emissions to a minimum. To our sustainable production and recycling processes to avoid unnecessary waste of materials. We want our brand to be synonymous of excellence, not only for the quality of its products, but for the high degree of responsibility towards our business partners, customers and the nature.

Share our passion for linen