The fashion trends come and go, but luxurious quality and thoughtful minimalistic design is what persists for years. And we are offering you exactly that. All the linen garments in our online shop are designed by a team of talented designers and sewn by skilled artisans. We put a lot of effort in creating our products because we deeply care about your comfort and style. Fine linen fabric, which we use to produce our fashion garments is known and praised for its anti-bacterial, temperature regulating and absorbent properties. This is what makes natural linen our fabric of choice. Find your new favorite linen dress, add a linen scarf, grab a linen bag and you are ready to go. Or get creative in creating your outfit of the day by combing a linen blouse and a linen skirt.

Fashion is not about beauty, it’s about attitude. In Linen Tales we want to share our passion for linen with everybody by designing simple yet delicate and refined linen clothes and linen accessories that will go along perfectly with your lifestyle.

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