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The idea is pretty simple: we want you to sleep well. The secret of a good night’s sleep is to keep the right body temperature during all 8 hours of your bedtime. And linen fabric is really capable of managing your bed climate! We know that 8 hours of sleep may sound like a dream for many of us, but this is what we should aim for. Let’s start improving your sleeping routine from choosing the breathable linen sleepwear. You will definitely feel comfortable wearing our 100% natural linen pyjamas, which is pre-washed in the production process to ensure it is pleasant to your skin.

There’s no better day than the one, where you stay in pajamas the whole time. Our charming linen pajamas are made from soft and carefully picked linen fabrics, so either while sleeping or just laying around, you’ll find a whole new world of comfort.

In our collection you can find linen pyjama for men in ligth grey, white and natural colors. For women we offer linen pyjama with long trousers or linen pyjama shorts combines with oversizes top. Another option is boho chick inspired romantic linen pyjama dress.

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