Linen Flat Sheets

A classic that will never go out of style, flat sheets are your bed’s eternal companion. Our natural linen Flat Sheets not only look great, but also can keep you comfy, fresh and warm within the pass of the seasons. You can use linen flat sheet as your under layer and put on top your linen duvet cover. Or you can use the flat sheet as the duvet cover! Especially in warm summer days a cooling linen flat sheet is just what you need to have on top. Linen fabric has this amazing smart by nature advantage: in cools in summer and keep you warm in winter.

Linen flat sheets are a classic choice to start exploring linen bedding. They are soft and natural, because we use only finest linen. As you will be using them every day – linen sheets are very durable and easy to care. Already soft due to being stonewashed during the production process, they become even softer with each wash.

Using big width of linen fabric we can produce the biggest sizes of linen sheets. In our Linen Tales bedding collection you can find Queen and King size linen flat sheets together with single and double sheets. If you can't find the right sizing for you, try our Made to Measure service.

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