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Where Does our Tale Begins

We are a family business striving to bring the modern linen classics to contemporary homes. Passionate about aesthetics, our principal idea is to make things that are not only practical, but also beautiful.


First Steps

Linen Tales was first introduce to the world in our own home. To show that the new look made home more beautiful, we firstly opened our living room doors instead of a regular shop. We wanted to show how beautiful linen textiles can be while merging the tradition and history of this fabric with a 16th century build household and modern interior.


Game Changer

It all started with reimagining the fabric. We wanted to keep the Lithuanian linen traditions, but the grey rough linen hardly made contemporary life rituals inspiring. Our formula was to infuse more colours and softness. And it worked.

What it started as a small open house store, quickly became a brand with clients all over the world.