Welcome to Linen Tales Wholesale World

If you like our products and would like to sell them in your shops, or you would like to use them in your restaurant, hotel or to do some other business with us, please contact us and we will be happy to cooperate with you. We are suppling our linen home textiles to wide selection of companies all over the world.


For designers who would like to realize their ideas or to use our products for decorating – we are open for all kind of cooperation. Please send your inquiry to info@linentales.com.

Shops, boutiques, distributors

If you would like to sell our products at your shop, please download our catalog and contact us for the wholesale prices. Please send your inquiry to info@linentales.com.

To order Linen Tales products in Japan, please contact our Japanese Distributor:

F.I.O. Limited
Kazuo Uenami
T. +81 66536 5181
5F., F.I.O. Bldg., 3-2-2, Shinm
Nishi-Ku, Osaka

To order Linen Tales products in South Korea, please contact our South Korean Distributor:

SC Mix and Match
Sangcheol Song
T. +82 10 3681 3604
GaeryongSan Gil 54 Bunji
Samcheon Dong 2 Ga
Wansan Gu
Jeonju Shi
South Korea